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Digital Fashion Hackathon v2

Project Overview

Digital Fashion Hackathon, held on November 5th and 6th, 2016 at StartupHouse, San Francisco, CA, brought together designers, web developers, and business professionals to build IoT app solutions for retail and fashion.  The goal was to create an innovative app that could help foster growth in local and global fashion industries.   

The Challenge

Participants of the hackathon were tasked to present their ideas and to form a team to build their IoT app solutions.  The teams were then to present their innovative app to a panel of judges from the fashion and tech industries, where they will critic and decide the winners.

Our team came up with a mobile app, called SmartFit, that helps customers find clothes that fit and flatter them.  With the idea of using Google Tango as one of the APIs for our app, customers can then capture their unique body measurements.  These measurements are uploaded into the store's inventory database to be analyzed and then outputs a list of fashion pieces that matches well for their body type.

My Role

UX Designer

Research and Discovery 

As a team, we did some research on online shopping and listed some key pain points consumers and retailers faced when buying and selling fashion products online, respectively.

We also conducted competitive analysis to see who the competitors were and to find what makes our app more unique and better.


The creation of personas allowed us to see our target audience and gave us a better understanding of how to develop our product.



Link to our presentation deck (.pdf)

Judge's Critics and Comments:

"This is good, 'cause I am not from here (U.S.A) and I've always have issues with finding the right size when I am buying clothes...I can see this going somewhere" - Anne-Laure Le Cunff (Marketing Lead @ Google Fit & Android Wear)

"I can see this being scalable...can save time and money for companies." - David Monteith (Fashion + Apparel Director, Flex/Flextronics)